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Psalms, Layer by Layer is a new initiative for creating translation helps for Old Testament poetry supporting the production of Bible translations with high communicative effect and literary quality.

Our aim is to provide visualisations and resources that make accessible the rhetorical, high-level discourse structure of each Hebrew poem while also providing the full grammatical, syntactic and semantic foundations on which such an analysis must depend. Read more About Psalms: Layer by Layer.

As we work to establish the processes we'll use for this project, we're currently focusing our efforts on Psalm 1-6.

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The authorial figures tagged so far include: Anonymous, David, Hezekiah, Solomon and David... further results.


The themes tagged so far include: Wisdom, Law, Righteous, Test, Kingship and Deliverance.


The images tagged so far include: Pathway, Tree, Chaff, Wind, Water, Fruit, Leaf, Courtroom, Bonds, King, Laughter, Fire, Zion, Father, Son, Inheritance, Shepherd, Rod, Pottery, Sheep, Kiss, Refuge, Craftsman, Idol, Servant and Oil.


The etic genres tagged so far include: Wisdom, Celebration, Didactic, Torah, Royal, Lament, Psalm of trust and Hymn.

The emic genres tagged so far include: No classification, מִזְמוֹר and שִׁגָּיוֹן.